Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prof. Noriah's note (3)

Consist of brain + spinal cord
Protected by cranium + vertebral column
Meninges + cerebrospinal fluid (csf)

3 layers
-dura mater
-arachroid + pia mater (form subarachroid space filled with CSF)

-secreted by choroid plexuses (CP)
-CP is a specialized capillaries located on the root of each ventricles
-CP produces CSF, secretes + filter harmful material, → form BBB (blood brain barrier)
-CSF circulate round the brain + spinal cord → enters superior sagittal sinus (venous sinuses) → jugular vein → superior vena cava

Function of CSF
-Protect the brain + spinal cord from banging / contact injury against the inner wall of cranium + wall of vertebral canal (shock absorbing medium)

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